WATCH: Crazed Yankee Fan Acts Like A Player And Runs From One Side To The Other With Hopes of Catching a Home Run


An enthusiastic New York Yankees fan acted like a player in the field while he stood along the outfield wall with his glove to try and receive a home run ball.

The Yankees were finishing up their spring training game on Tuesday against the Detroit Tigers at George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, Florida, and the YES (Yankees Entertainment & Sports) Network highlighted a fan in the outfield with a baseball glove on.

The fan looked like a player as he would get into the set position as you’d see a professional ball player do.

“This guy, he has been engaged from jump,” YES Network play-by-play announcer Ryan Ruocco said. “He’s taking his ready position there.”

“I love the footwork there,” color commentator John Flaherty said. “Getting ready with the pitch. I love it!”

He clearly caught the eyes of the people in the production truck as they set up a side-by-side view of the pitch at the plate and him standing in the outfield.

“You may think, ‘ah, top of the ninth, spring training game.’ No, no, no, no,” Ruocco said. “He treats this like first pitch of opening day.”

The YES Network continued to follow the man through the at-bat, and once it ended, he went to grab his things and move to right field since the new batter was left-handed.

“He’s also running some poles to getting his conditioning in,” Flaherty said. “I love it.”

“Running poles” is a workout designed for pitchers after they make an appearance. The exercise helps “flush” their arms from “a build-up of lactic acid.”

Unfortunately for the man, there was no ball hit in his direction in the 9th inning of the game.

The Yankees beat the Tigers 6-3. As we all move a little bit closer to real baseball getting underway on March 30th, and no more spring training games.

Watch above via the YES Network.

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