WATCH: Skip Bayless Falls For Parody ‘Report’ on James Harden’s ‘Manboobs’


On Wednesday, Fox Sports 1 host Skip Bayless repeated a false claim tweeted by a parody account stating that NBA star James Harden stormed out of several Houston Rockets practices in tears after his teammate Chris Paul mocked his “manboobs.”

With Harden and Paul’s “unsalvageable” relationship being the focus of sports media this week, a parody Twitter account posing as ESPN’s top NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski wrote that sources say Paul had insulted Harden’s figure.

“Sources tell ESPN that Chris Paul repeatedly made fun of James Harden for having ‘manboobs’ during practices over the last 2 seasons,” the joke account wrote in a tweet that was un-ironically shared by several sports media figures. “Several times Harden broke down into tears and had to leave the practice facility. No surprise to see Harden wanting Paul out now.”

Bayless became one of the sports media journos who fell victim to the parody account on Wednesday’s airing of FS1’s Undisputed.

“Reports are this has been going on for two years. There was the one report yesterday that it got so bad in practice going back two years ago that Chris Paul was making fun of James’ manboobs in practice — to the point that he broke down in tears and had to leave practice,” said Bayless. “That’s when you’re hitting bottom, right? … Those are the kind of things where the bridge burns to the ground and you can’t even begin to rebuild it.”

Co-host Shannon Sharpe added that the Paul-Harden relationship “is Chernobyl” because “even the ground is contaminated.”

While no real reports have touched on Harden’s “manboobs,” ESPN has confirmed that Harden refuses to talk to Paul and that the relationship between the Rockets’ two top players is essentially over.

Watch above, via FS1.

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