WATCH: The Amazing Press Conference Where Dak Prescott Falsely Cites HIPAA and Refuses to Answer Vaccine Question


Star Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott ignited a social media frenzy when he became the latest in a long line of people to mistakenly cite HIPAA, in this case to avoid sharing his vaccination status with a reporter.

Mr. Prescott took questions from reporters at the Cowboys’ training camp Friday afternoon, and although his press conference lasted 17 minutes, it was a very short exchange that gained a lot of attention.

Dallas Morning News reporter tweeted Prescott’s response to a question about whether he’d been vaccinated, writing “Asked if he is vaccinated, Cowboys QB Dak Prescott: ‘I don’t necessarily think that’s exactly important. I think that’s HIPAA.’”

As many would soon point out, that actually is exactly important, and is not HIPAA. But the broader exchange is even more baffling, because Prescott goes on to decry vaccine conspiracists, urging people to “educate themselves,” and expressing confidence that his team would meet vaccination targets.

The moment inspired intense mockery on social media.

Watch the full presser above via the Dallas Cowboys.

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