WATCH: This Interview With Hockey Star Brad Marchand is Frigid As it Gets


The Boston Bruins inched closer to the Stanley Cup on Monday night — with a victory over the Columbus Blue Jackets which advanced them to the Eastern Conference Final. But despite the big win, one Bruins star player was still in the absolute saltiest of moods.

After the game, Bruins forward Brad Marchand participated in an interview with Sportsnet’s Kyle Bukauskas. But — and this cannot be emphasized enough — we are using the word participated in its loosest possible sense.

Here is the complete transcript:

Bukauskas: Brad, you said after the third game of this series there’s no panic in the room. What can you say about how your group handled the next three games and ultimately advancing to the conference final?”

Marchand: We did a good job.

Bukauskas: You know, [Bruins goalie] Tukka Rask was saying this core isn’t getting any younger. What do you make of the opportunity that lies ahead of you?

Marchand: It’s been fun.

Bukauskas: So, I see where this is going here. I’ll ask you one more about your line, they got back together. You had said the chances over there were just starting to bear in these last few games. What kind of zone are you three in?

Marchand: We’re good.

Annnnnnd…scene. Marchand skated off, and the interview — such as it was — came to a close.

The icy scene was repeated in the dressing room moments later with the rest of the assembled media.

Sportsnet’s Chris Johnson was on hand, and cataloged the entire press scrum (there wasn’t much).

The reason for Marchand’s surliness? The consensus seems to be that the Bruins star didn’t appreciate being confronted by Bukauskas earlier in the series about jumping on an opponent’s stick.

That interaction happened in Game 2. Monday night’s interview followed Game 6 — more than a week later. Marchand may not be able to carry a conversation, but he can certainly carry a grudge.

Watch above, via Sportsnet Ontario.

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