Wimbledon Semifinal Match Went On For Nearly Seven Hours, And Tennis Fans Freaked Out

A semifinal match at Wimbledon has turned into an epic seven-hour battle — but it appears finally to be on the verge of ending.

The match between American John Isner and Kevin Anderson of South Africa was tied at 24-24 in the fifth set — the second longest match in Grand Slam tennis history, prompting the Guardian to remark on the match, “Isner holds. Time is a flat circle.”

But moments before publication of this post, Anderson broke Isner’s serve to take a 25-24 lead, and bring this match close to a merciful conclusion.

Tennis fans from around the world are going nuts at the mega-battle, taking to Twitter to share their thoughts and memes. Here are some of the best:

UPDATE: Anderson has indeed prevailed. The match is over.

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