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Yankees Announcer Michael Kay Says He’d Use the Baseball to Injure Smack-Talking Rivals if He Were a Pitcher: ‘Try Talking With a Broken Rib’


Yankees play-by-play voice Michael Kay brought the heat Wednesday afternoon during his daily sports radio show on ESPN New York. 98.7.

As New York Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole was stuck in a feud with Minnesota Twins star Josh Donaldson, Kay described what he would do if he were on the mound.

“I’ll tell you what. What Michael Kay the player would do, and I’m not advocating, please don’t think I’m advocating for it…Josh Donaldson getting one right in the ribs for opening his mouth,” Kay ranted. “He’s getting one right in the ribs in the first inning. Right in the ribs. You want to talk? Try talking with a broken rib.”

Kay may not have advocated for Cole to throw a baseball at Donaldson with the intent of doing some physical damage, but he did say he would do it. And if once wasn’t enough, Kay doubled down on his hot take, restating the claim that if he were a star pitcher, he’d use the baseball to break ribs.

Kay got defensive with his audience on Twitter after they called out his vengeful idea, and again stated he never advocated for Cole to throw at Donaldson. Donaldson should be thankful Kay didn’t want Cole to break any ribs, and only wanted to do it himself if he were a pitcher, “because that’s how my sick mind works.”

Cole was recently accused of cheating, with claims that the $300 million starting pitcher uses an illegal sticky substance to get a better grip on the ball. When asked about the allegations earlier in the week, Cole awkwardly said “I don’t know.”

But Donaldson, a former MLB MVP, acted like he knew Cole was using something for an advantage on the mound. Donaldson cited the Yankees pitcher last week while asking the league to better enforce rules against the use of illegal substances.

Ultimately, Cole did not throw at anyone, but the Yankees pitcher did silence his critics for at least the time being, striking out nine batters over six innings, including two punchouts of Donaldson. The performance earned Cole his seventh win of the season.

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