Yankees Radio Voice John Sterling Fails Fans After Getting Epically DUPED by Green Monster: ‘What Did I Do Wrong?’


For a brief moment, everyone thought the New York Yankees took a 1-0 lead during the first inning of their Wild Card matchup with the Boston Red Sox.

Yankees slugger Giancarlo Stanton crushed the ball off Red Sox pitcher Nathan Eovaldi, high and deep to left field at Fenway Park. Stanton gave the ball a good stare from the plate before slowly walking into a home run trot, and Yankees iconic radio voice John Sterling was similarly confident on the call.

“Drilled, there it goes. Deep left. It is high. It is far. It is gone!” Sterling said on the WFAN radio broadcast before breaking out one of his patented signature home run calls. “Out of the ballpark! A Stanton-ian home run.”

If you were watching Stanton walk out of the box, you were convinced it was a home run. If you were listening to the 83-year-old Sterling refer to the bomb as “Stanton-ian,” you were convinced the Yankees just took a 1-0 lead.

But Fenway’s 37-foot Green Monster had other plans, rejecting the ball back onto the field like Bill Russell patrolling the rim at the Boston Garden.

“Now what did I do wrong?” Sterling asked as he saw Stanton stop at first. “What did I see wrong? He’s at first base.”

Focused on the home run call, Sterling missed that ball was fielded off the wall by Red Sox left fielder Alex Verdugo, who fired it back into the infield to stick Stanton with a long single.

Yankees fans have become used to the occasional gaffe from Sterling during his more than 30-years as their radio voice. His blunders have almost endeared him to the fan base. But a playoff gaffe is less forgivable.

This wasn’t Sterling’s first blunder of the season, with the radio voice blaming most of his other errant calls on broadcasting Yankee road games remotely from New York because of Covid protocols. But Tuesday night, Sterling was in the Fenway booth.

The 83-year-old still deserves a bit of a break. Not only did Stanton agree that he thought the ball was out of the park, but ESPN’s TV play-by-play voice Matt Vasgersian was also fooled.

“Oh he got another one. He got another one!” Vasgersian yelled with excitement, before quickly correcting himself and the call.

“No. It’s off the Monster,” Vasgersian continued. “And Stanton, who put it into the home run trot thinking the same thing I was is satisfied with a single.”

But Vasgersian’s dueling blunder didn’t stop baseball fans from piling on Sterling, whose call was deemed the worse of the two.

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