2012 Election

FLASHBACK: At GOP Debate, Rick Perry Can’t Remember Third Agency He Would End As President

Republican Autopsy Report Contains Special Contempt For Black Voters And Gay People

Morning Joe Chronicles ‘The Good, The Bad And The Ugly’ Of The Romney Campaign

HBO Developing Game Change Sequel About 2012 Election

Former Tea Party Leader Ridicules GOP Candidates For Saying ‘Stupid Things’ During Campaign

‘Religiously Unaffiliated’ Voting Bloc Helped Propel Obama To Victory

Reince Priebus On Piers Morgan: GOP Needs To ‘Do A Full Autopsy’ Of 2012

Former Romney Adviser On ‘Systemic Crisis’ In Polling: ‘Republican Establishment Needs To Do An Audit’

Maddow Mocks GOPers Telling ‘Happy Tales’ To Make Themselves ‘Feel Better’ Post-Election

Glenn Beck Offers Post-Election Prognosis On O’Reilly: Everything Will Work Out But ‘A Lot Of Pain’ Coming

Fox & MSNBC Became More Extreme As Election Day Neared, Reports Pew

White House Hits Back At Romney’s ‘Gifts’ Remark: It’s ‘At Odds With The Truth’

Romney Tells Donors He Lost Partially Due To Obama’s ‘Gifts’ To Minorities, Young Voters

Florida Man Commits Suicide Over Obama Re-Election, Wrote ‘F**k Obama’ In Will

Dick Morris Explains Romney Landslide Prediction: ‘I Felt It Was My Duty’ To ‘Say What I Said’

Rush Limbaugh Slams GOP Blame Game: Apparently ‘I’m The Primary Reason’ For Election Loss

Hannity Takes On Dick Morris Over Romney Landslide Prediction: ‘People Are Furious With You Right Now’

Rush Limbaugh Slams Media’s Portrayal Of His Election Reaction: ‘Nobody Is Giving Up’

Fox News: Karl Rove’s Challenging Election Projection Proves His Value To The Network

Sean Hannity Warns America: ‘You Get The Government You Deserve’ With Barack Obama — ‘Good Luck With That’

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