2014 midterms

DNC 2014 Election Autopsy: We Don’t Need to Change Policy to Win Elections

Carter: Obama ‘Mistaken’ for Thinking Immigration Delay Would Help Dems in Midterms

Sen. Landrieu’s First Runoff Ad Portrays GOP Opponent as ‘Incoherent’

GOP State Rep-Elect: Obama Possessed by Demons

GOP Official Teases Democrats for Silencing ‘Best Messenger’ Obama

Former Bravo Reality TV Star to Run Against Lindsey Graham

Must Reads: GOP Could Win Big in 2014 Only to Lose Big in 2016

Poll: Enthusiasm Gap Remains Challenge for Midterms Dems

Must Reads: The Slow Emergence of the Positive Obamacare Story

Must Reads: It’s Not All Doom and Gloom for Senate Democrats (For Now)

Wasserman Schultz: Politics Didn’t Factor into Obama Keystone Pipeline Delay

Cokie Roberts: GOP Has Done ‘Much Better Job’ of Not Electing ‘Yahoos’

Nate Silver to ABC: GOP Has 60% Shot at Retaking Senate

MSNBC’s Todd: Dems Can’t Run From Obamacare, ‘Voters Will Know You’re Full of It’

New Poll Shows Obama Hits Record Low, Is Liability for Dems in Midterms

Scarborough: Dem’s Defeat in Florida Sets Up ‘Historic’ 2010-like Midterm Rout

Must Reads: Will Tonight’s Special Election in Florida Predict the 2014 Midterms?

Sen. McCaskill: I Wouldn’t Invite Obama to Campaign With Me

Must Reads: Dems Think Obama Is a Drag on Midterms—But They May Not Need Him

Obamacare in Context: Stories on Total Enrollees Lack Only Number That Matters

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