AP Fact Checks Trump’s Allegation That Hillary Is ‘Original Birther’

Ken Burns Equates Birther Movement with ‘Saying the N-Word’

Obama Reminisces About Birther Movement at Sharpton Conference: ‘That Was Crazy’

Birthers See Conspiracy in Death of Hawaiian Official Who Released Obama’s Birth Certificate

Westboro Baptist Calls Donald Trump ‘Hypocritical Bastard,’ Offers to Do This Week Panel

‘Questions Are Being Asked’: Chuck Todd Takes On Sen. Ted Cruz’s Potential ‘Birther Controversy’

Could Cruz Spark A Leftist ‘Birther’ Movement? Alex Wagner’s MSNBC Panel Tackles Ted’s Canadian Roots

Megyn Kelly Panel Takes On Why 1/3rd Of Americans Believe Obama Hiding Something About His Past

President Obama Inserts ‘Birther’ Joke Into Stump Speech In N.H.

Bill Maher: Tom Brokaw Championing ‘Balance Over Objectivity’ Aids Birtherism

Obama Jokes With Boy From Hawaii: ‘You Have A Birth Certificate?’

Ed Schultz Calls Mitt Romney Out For ‘Birther Bone Throw’ In RNC Speech

CNN Reporter Rushes To Whitewash Mitt Romney’s Appeal to Racist Birthers

Video: Mitt Romney Tells Crowd ‘No One Has Ever Asked To See My Birth Certificate’

Jonathan Capehart Gives Joe Scarborough Brief History Of GOP Campaign Of Hate

Jon Stewart Rips Conservatives For Hypocrisy Over Romney’s Tax Returns

AZ Secy Of State Ken Bennett: Obama Lied About Being Born In Kenya To Get Into College

Trump On Birtherism: ‘How Can I Be Racist, I Just Picked Arsenio Hall!’

President Obama Takes Mild Swipe At Donald Trump In Fundraising Campaign Email

Coiffe Medicine: David Axelrod Blasts ‘Fool’ Donald Trump’s Hair On The War Room

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