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WATCH: Andrew Zimmern Gets Stephen Colbert to Eat Possum & Brains

Watch an Exclusive Clip from Tonight’s “Bizarre Foods” Season Finale

WATCH: Andrew Zimmern Preaches World Peace, Feeds Carson Daly Chicken Hearts

Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods SoBe: ‘$7M Steak That Sh*ts Gold Rainbows’

Last Call: Adam Richman In The Shower, Plus Five Really Bad Food Marketing Ideas

Andrew Zimmern And Bizarre Foods Snubbed By Diplomatic Chefs Corps

Andrew Zimmern Lamely Name-Dropped By Gov. Tim Pawlenty At RNC

Andrew Zimmern Launches Food Truck, Plus Two Airport Sandwich Shops

Balut (AKA Duck Embryo!) Eating Contest Coming To Brooklyn

Andrew Zimmern Warns Against Beer Snobbery

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