Dark Knight Rises

Louie Gohmert Apologizes For Colorado Shooting Remark: ‘Grossly Taken Out Of Context’

Christian Bale Releases Statement On Shooting: ‘Words Cannot Express The Horror That I Feel’

Overnight ‘Bale Out Aurora’ Movement Wants Christian Bale To Visit Injured Kids In Batman Costume

Warner Bros Won’t Release Dark Knight Rises Box Office Until Monday ‘Out Of Respect For The Victims And Their Families’

Dark Knight Rises Director Christopher Nolan Releases Statement On Colorado Movie Theater Shooting

Cell Phone Video Captures People Fleeing Aurora Movie Theater

Stop It! Partisan Speculation About Colorado Shooter: He’s A Tea Partier; No, He’s A Democrat

Bloomberg: ‘Soothing Words Are Nice,’ But Obama And Romney Need To Address Gun Control

Gangster Squad Trailer Played Before Dark Knight Rises Included Theater Shooting Scene (UPDATE: Warner Bros Pulls)

Rep. Louie Gohmert Suggests Aurora Theater Shooting Result Of ‘Ongoing Attacks On Judeo-Christan Beliefs’

Political Analysts Are Now Seriously Linking Romney’s Bain To The Dark Knight Rises Villain

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