house of cards

News Website Seeks Reporter Like House of Cards’ Zoe Barnes

House of Cards Creator Believes Hillary Clinton Is the Most Like Claire Underwood

Bill Clinton Loves House of Cards: ’99 Percent of What You Do on That Show Is Real’

Netflix Enlists House of Cards in Net Neutrality Fight

What the Frank Underwood Administration Tells Us About the Obama Age

Fox’s Cavuto Proudly Stands with the President (No, Not Obama)

FEMA Disputes Major Plot Point in New Season of House of Cards

House of Cards Creator: We Draw Influence from Colbert’s WHCD Speech

Despite Accusations of Being Right-Wing, House of Cards Earning Rare Bipartisan Love

House of Cards Season 3 Leaks on Netflix 2 Weeks Early, Is Quickly Deleted

House of Cards Posts Ill-Timed Tweet After Smoke Fills D.C. Metro Tunnel

Bill Clinton on Murder in Political Shows: ‘I Wish I’d Known About That…’

Judge Invokes Frank Underwood in Ruling on Law Banning Political Lies

House of Cards’ Frank Underwood One-Ups Obama on The Colbert Report

What Finally Got Paul Ryan to Stop Watching House of Cards?

China Officially Wants Spoilers for Next Season of House of Cards

Russia Says Nyet to House of Cards’ Filming Request

Chinese Ruling Party Calls U.S. Corrupt by Citing House of Cards

Hillary Hasn’t Read Lewinsky Piece, ‘Totally Binge-Watched’ House of Cards

House of Cards Star Suggests Obama for Guest Role

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