Protester Punched, Kicked by Trump Supporter at Arizona Rally

Chris Wallace Confronts McConnell on SCOTUS: ‘Fair Amount of Hypocrisy’ Here

Don Lemon: Why Does Fox Keep Having Trump on After Saying Crude Things About Megyn Kelly?

Fmr. Clinton Official Reich: It’s As If Jan Brewer’s ‘Brain Has Been Replaced by Neolithic Rock’

Anti-Trump Protesters Block Arizona Highway, Crowd Around Trump Tower

Fox’s Bolling Briefly Addresses Michelle Fields’ Absence from Cashin’ In

Trump at Utah Rally: ‘Are We Sure’ Romney’s a Mormon?

Pro-Trump Group Named for Mussolini Appoints Itself to Monitor Protest Activity Online

Even as Election Dominates Cable, Bravo CNN for Critical Reporting From Syria

‘Watch Out Joe’: Sanders Blasts Sheriff Arpaio for ‘Ambushing’ Wife During Campaign Trip

The Daily Show Literally Heckles McConnell Over SCOTUS Obstruction

O’Reilly Insists He’s Plenty Tough on Trump: I’m ‘Demonized’ for Treating Him Fairly

Must See: Rep. Elijah Cummings Tears Gov. Snyder Several New Ones Over Flint Crisis

Ex-Tea Party Candidate O’Donnell Defends Hillary: Sexist Double Standard on ‘Yelling’

‘He’s Still Young’: A Father and Son Who Disagree About Trump Face Off

Here’s Why ‘The Biden Rule’ Is Complete Crap

Fox’s Janice Dean: Trump’s Obsession with Megyn ‘Disturbing and Not Presidential’

David Duke Says Comparing Trump to Hitler Could Be Good For Hitler’s Image

Woman Starring in PBS Doc on Trump Supporters Displays Prominent White Power Tats

White House Using Smarts, Savvy to Win Early Social Media Battle Over Heated SCOTUS Nom

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