Las Vegas Massacre

Steve Schmidt: ‘It Is Harder to Buy Cough Medicine Than It Is to Buy an AK-47’

Jimmy Kimmel Offers Rare Praise For Trump Las Vegas Visit: ‘He Did Good Today!’

Tomi Lahren: ‘When You Have a Gun-Free Zone, You’re Neutering Everyone There’

Sean Hannity Chokes Up While Speaking to Vegas Survivors: ‘Unfathomable to Me’

Trump Tweets Footage of Meetings With Vegas Massacre Victims Scored to “God Bless the USA”

John Lewis: How Many More Will Die Before Gun Control Is Passed? ‘A Few Hundred? A Few Thousand?’

If The Left Finds US Government Evil And Racist, Then Why Let It Control Our Guns?

Kimmel Shames Critics For Dismissing Gun Control: ‘In Your Heart, You Know You Bear Some Responsibility’

Deli Owner Faces Heavy Backlash After Tweeting Las Vegas Shooting Was ‘Community Outreach’

Las Vegas Gunman Had Cameras Set Up Inside Hotel Room During Shooting

After the Las Vegas Massacre, Obama and Clinton Show Us Why He Was President and She’ll Never Be 

James Corden: Some Say It’s ‘Too Early’ To Talk Gun Control, But It’s ‘Far Too Late’ for Vegas Victims

Seth Meyers to Congress: It’d Be ‘More Honest’ For You to Admit You ‘Won’t Take Any Action’

WATCH: Vegas Concert Crowd Sings ‘God Bless America’ an Hour Before Shooting

Las Vegas Mayor Calls Shooter a ‘Scumbag’: ‘How Dare Any Human Being Do That’

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