Mika Brzezinksi

Mika Brzezinski Urges 25th Amendment: Trump Is ‘Not Fit to Lead,’ He Is ‘Not Well’

Mika: ‘World Is Laughing’ at Trump and America ‘Has Become the Butt of a Big Joke’

Mika: If Christine Ford Won’t Testify, What Are Republicans Supposed to Do But Demand a Vote?

Morning Joe Debates Sarah Sanders Meal Mess: ‘Should Someone Who Lies Constantly’ be ‘Welcome in Open Society?’

Morning Joe to Ivanka Trump: If You Actually Care About Kids, Get On a Plane To The Border Right Now

Joe Scarborough: People Shocked By WHCD Speech Didn’t Call Me When Trump Said I Was a Murderer

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Reacts to Mika Brzezinski’s Attacks: ‘I Think It’s Sad’

Joe Scarborough: Donald Trump ‘Is a Mean Man, He’s Crude, He’s Brutal, He’s Insulting’

Mika Brzezinski to Colbert On Trump’s Face-Lift Tweet: ‘I Think It’s Really Sad For the Country’

Media Freak Out Shows That Smug Elitists Still Don’t Understand ‘Real America’

Morning Joe & Trump Saga Exposes Everything That Is Wrong With Media/Politics

President Trump Deserves Credit For Taking On Bullies Like Mika Brzezinski

Phony Outrage Over Tweets Is Precisely The Fake News Trump Is Talking About

Joe and Mika Hit Back With WaPo Op-Ed: ‘Donald Trump Is Not Well’

Tucker Carlson: ‘Won’t Be Long Before NBC’s Entire White House Unit Claims Affirmative Action Status’

Mika and Joe Reportedly Delaying Vacation Tomorrow So They Can ‘Sling Some Bad Blood’ at Trump

Here’s What Mika Brzezinski Said That Might Have Set Trump Off

Here Are the People in Media Siding With Trump in FaceliftGate (It Won’t Surprise You)

Watch All the Times Morning Joe Panelists Congratulated Mika and Joe on their… ‘Ratings’

Trump ‘Buffoon-Like, Has ADD or Something’: Mika Brezezinski Tells Us How She Really Feels

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