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BREAKING: North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper Signs ‘Bathroom Bill’ Partial Repeal

Stacey Dash to Trans People: If You Need a Bathroom, ‘Go to the Bushes’

Target CEO Says Boycott Over Transgender-Inclusive Bathroom Policy Hasn’t Hurt Sales

Ted Cruz Crawls Out of His Hole to Call Obama ‘The Bathroom Police,’ Lie About Trans Policy

Fox Host on Bathroom Law: ‘What About the Civil Rights of Women Who Don’t Want Men in Their Bathrooms?’

Glenn Beck Calls Trans-women ‘Dudes’ Because of ‘Thingamajig Downstairs’ at Ted Cruz Rally

Raven-Symoné to Woman Kicked Out of Ladies Room: ‘Have Your Right Papers’

Viral Video of Woman Ejected From Ladies’ Room Shows Bathroom Bills’ Greatest Flaw

Seth Meyers Takes ‘A Closer Look’ at ‘Hateful and Discriminatory’ Bathroom Bills

‘Liberal Redneck’ Comedian Hilariously Destroys Anti-Trans Bathroom Activism

Politifact Rules It’s Now Objectively False to Call Transgender Women Men

Florida Man Trolls Target Staffer Over Inclusive Bathroom Policy

Cruz Runs Ads on Trump Trans Stance: ‘Guess Who’s Joined the Ranks of the PC Police?’

Cruz Slams Trump’s Transgender Bathroom Comments: ‘Have We Gone Stark Raving Nuts?’

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