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Airline Encourages Muslims to Travel to U.S. ‘While You’re Still Allowed To’

N.H. High School Teacher Removed from Classroom After Dancing to Anti-Trump Song

Cut Off From Internet, Julian Assange Has Man With Bullhorn Shout the News to HIm

Man Who Made Parade Float Depicting Execution of Clinton Sort of Apologizes

Missouri Sheriff Declares New Zero Tolerance Policy for Creepy Clowns

What Happened When an FBI Agent Tried to Impersonate a Journalist

Rush Limbaugh Thinks That Video of Clinton Collapse Is Fake

Artists Behind Nude Trump Statues Speak Out: You’ll ‘Hear From Us Again’

New Poll Shows Older, Conservative Texas Voters Do Not Support ‘Deez Nuts’

Eight-Year-Old Writes POTUS: ‘This Country Needs More Spunk’

Mediaite Totally Doesn’t Care That We Weren’t Included on the Fake Martin Shkreli Reply-All

This ‘Why I Climbed Your Tower’ Video Message to Trump Appeared Online Yesterday

Swedish Church Will Spread God’s Love to ISIS With Bible-Toting Military Drones

Green Bay Police Say There’s Nothing They Can Do About this Scary Clown

Not The Onion: Real PR Blog Praises ISIS for Successful Branding and Outreach

Here’s and the Other 3,000 Domains Controlled by Trump

Teenage Boys Get Themselves Trapped in Underground Caves Searching for Pokemon

Fox’s Gutfeld: Hillary Will Never Use Emails Again, Only ‘Oral Legend’ Like Her Husband

The ‘Persian Hercules’ Who Wants to Take The Fight to ISIS

Local Hero Papers L.A. Zoo With Fake Animal Facts

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