Adam Schiff Roasts AG Barr: Uglier and Less Likable Than Giuliani, But Just as Shady


House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) got laughs at a liberal conference when he made an extremely unfavorable comparison between Trump Attorney General Bill Barr and Trump general attorney Rudy Giuliani that denigrated both men’s looks and character.

At the Center for American Progress (CAP) Ideas Conference Wednesday, MSNBC host Ari Melber asked Schiff to comment on reports that President Donald Trump is considering pardons for convicted and accused war criminals.

“The pardon power, like any power in the Constitution, is not absolute,” Schiff said. “And you see this absolutely argument made in many context, so you see now the, and I hesitate to call him the attorney general, he’s really more the personal attorney for the president, but you see the argument made…”

“What do you mean by that, you don’t think he deserves the title anymore?” Melber asked.

“No,” Schiff said, to applause from the crowd.

After letting the applause breathe for a few seconds, Schiff continued. “I think Bill Barr has all the duplicity of Rudy Giuliani, without the good looks and general likability of Rudy Giuliani,” he said, to laugher from the crowd.

“I mean, the most dangerous thing I think that Bill Barr has done is basically say that a president under investigation can make the investigation go away if he thinks it’s unfair,” Schiff continued, and proceeded to discuss the many ways that the powers of the presidency can be abused, including firing an FBI director for improper reasons.

“The fact that the president has the right to fire an FBI director does not mean that he has the right to fire one for an improper reason,” Schiff said, “any more than an employer who has an at-will employee can fire them because they reject their sexual advances.”

On pardons, Schiff said “If the court were to interpret the power of the pardon as absolute, it would mean that a president could instruct people, like Arpaio or others, to violate the law on his behalf, and say don’t worry if you get arrested, I will simply pardon you.”

Trump has reportedly done that exact thing, offering to pardon Border Patrol officials who break the law.

Schiff went on to tell Melber that “There are ways that we can meaningfully constrain abuse of” the pardon power, adding “I’ve introduced a bill which would require that if the president pardoned someone, in a case in which is a witness, target, or subject, or his family is, the entire investigative files will be provided to the Congress.”

“That may not prevent the issuing of that pardon, but it will deter its abuse,” Schiff said, to uproarious laughter from The Universe.

Watch the video above, via CAP.

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