Anderson Cooper Blows Up at Trump, Ivanka in Scathing Monologue: She Must Be ‘Very Proud’ Her Dad Called Jews Disloyal


Anderson Cooper is going after President Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump and holding absolutely nothing back.

In a scorching opening monologue Wednesday night on CNN, Cooper destroyed both the president and his daughter over comments made by the former questioning the loyalty of Jews who vote for Democrats.

“Ivanka Trump must be very proud of her dad tonight,” Cooper said. “And you can probably just watch for an Ivanka leak in the coming days about how she tried to talk her father, you know, to change that kind of language. It’s a classic Ivanka move.”

Cooper went on to shred Trump for what he termed a “flip-flop-flip” on the question of whether the administration is exploring a payroll tax cut.

“Look, presidents have shaded the truth before,” Cooper said. “They’ve lied on occasion. They’ve held back information. Sometimes for good reasons, sometimes not. They’ve changed positions, sometimes drastically. That’s not what’s happening now. These are just complete and total changes in positions from one day to the next. Not based on any actual change of thought, it’s just different words.”

The CNN host concluded his scorching open with this brutal condemnation:

There is no actual meaning often when the president talks. And that’s really alarming. I mean, remember when Republicans on Capitol Hill said they wouldn’t pay attention to the president’s Tweets? I guess the question is should anyone pay attention to the president’s words?

We know from the Mueller Report how often the people around the president in the White House simply ignore what he says. They hope he forgets, or moves on. And maybe that’s how they sleep at night. but we can’t ignore the President of the United States. Even if his words mean nothing, he is signing laws and making decisions that impact all our lives, our futures.

It may seem funny at times. But it’s not. This is pathetic.

Watch above, via CNN.

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