Anderson Cooper Mocks Trump’s Kentucky Derby Tweet: ‘Seems to Have a Lot of Time on His Hands’


CNN’s Anderson Cooper ended his show tonight with a Ridiculist segment mocking President Donald Trump‘s tweet about the Kentucky Derby outcome over the weekend.

The president wasn’t happy about Maximum Sexurity being disqualified and said it only happened because of “these days of political correctness”:

“A horse is a horse of course of course,” Cooper began, “unless of course that horse of course has sent the President of the United States into a fit of rage, then it’s a whole frickin’ thing.”

He recapped the controversy from the Kentucky Derby before reading the tweet from “President Seabiscuit.”

“As usual, I don’t really know where to start,” a bewildered Cooper said. “The President of the United States seems to have a lot of time on his hands, and he can’t even stand some horses getting uninterrupted airtime. He’s got to be a part of every frickin’ news cycle. He can’t help himself!”

“President Trump is upset because the more popular candidate, or horse, the one everyone expected to win, didn’t win because of an old-timey rule?” he asked. “Is it just me or does this all sound vaguely familiar and like something the president actually supports in other non-equine situations?”

Cooper added that he doesn’t really get what political correctness has to do with any of this.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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