AOC Calls Out Politico for ‘Anti-Semitic’ Tweet Labeling Bernie Sanders as ‘Rich’ and ‘Cheap’


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called out Politico on Saturday for a tweet labeling Sen. Bernie Sanders rich and “cheap.”

On Friday, Politico tweeted out: “Bernie Sanders might still be cheap, but he’s sure not poor.”

That tweet has since been deleted. In subsequent teases of the article, however, Politico tweeted out an image showing Sanders next to a money tree. That image is also featured on the article’s page.

AOC said that Politico had some explaining to do.

“Can ⁦@politico⁩ explain to us how photoshopping money trees next to the only Jewish candidate for president and talking about how “cheap” and rich he is *isn’t* antisemitic?” she wrote.

The freshman Congresswoman added: “Or are they just letting this happen because he’s a progressive politician they don’t like?”

Then in a second tweet, AOC pointed out that “people” are willing to explain away Politico’s anti-Semitic tinged tweet but jump all over fellow freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

“Notice the people willing to explain this away, yet when Ilhan’s words are taken out of context, they are the 1st to jump on her,” she wrote.

She then said selective enforcement was to blame.

“Look at how these accusations are selectively enforced on the left, esp when it’s the *alt-right* actually committing antisemitic violence in the US,” AOC stressed.

Politico has not issued a public response to AOC’s remarks.

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