AP Reporter: Trump ‘Feels Like Fox Should Be on His Side’ Because He Gets Advice From Hannity and Tucker


Associated Press reporter and MSNBC analyst Jonathan Lemire said, on Morning Joe Friday, that President Donald Trump criticizes Fox News because he increasingly leans on hosts like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson for policy advice.

Lou Dobbs in particular has become his top informal adviser and he still, according to our reporting, he speaks to Sean Hannity quite a bit, he speaks to Tucker Carlson quite a bit and he’s leaned on them, in particular, for foreign policy advice if that’s to be believed,” Lemire said.

“But he’s grown concerned and he feels like Fox should be on his side, that they should be part of the party apparatus. They should be part of the White House communications office,” he continued. “So he grows upset when he feels like, you know, commentators are criticizing him or when the polling department’s polls don’t reflect kindly upon him. He has been elevating time and time again OAN which is the other conservative network as an alternative to that.”

The panel discussed that Trump’s anxiety about his treatment by Fox may stem from growing concern about his trade war with China potentially driving the economy downward.

“There’s a growing concern among — within the White House but also concerns at large – about the fate of this of this trade war,” Lemire said. “That this could be the thing that undermines his best chance for re-election because the Chinese do seem inclined to weigh him out.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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