comScore Bill Maher: Melania Trump Could Divorce POTUS

Bill Maher: Melania Trump Could Make a Big Statement by Leaving POTUS

Bill Maher ended his show last night with a suggestion that First Lady Melania Trump could get through to the president in a way no one else could––by getting a divorce.

“Over a dozen Republican candidates tried to stop Trump and couldn’t, Hillary couldn’t, NeverTrump-ers couldn’t, Mueller couldn’t. Is there anyone left who can check Donald Trump? Yes, Melania,” Maher said.

He said women “have the power of the ultimatum” by either threatening to leave, “humiliate them,” or even “cut them off in bed.”

But if she wouldn’t do it alone, Maher suggested she could get a divorce “buddy”: Jerry Hall, wife of Rupert Murdoch.

“You two have a lot in common,” Maher said. “Your husbands are ruining the world… The axis of evil in the world now is Trump and Fox News. We have a government propaganda channel now.”

Maher concluded the president would go “nuts” if this ever happened:

“Cavemen like Trump and Murdoch can’t handle one thing–-an ego-lashing. Rupert has been married four times, Trump three… When you’re Donald Trump, wives don’t leave you, you leave them. He would fall apart if she ever said, ‘Donald, there’s nothing keeping me here, I can’t love what you have become, and I found where you hid my passport.'”

You can watch above, via HBO.

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