Fox News Exec Says on Air That Network’s Merch Will ‘Help Make America Great Again!’

To those who worry about the symbiotic relationship between Fox News and the Donald Trump presidency, this probably won’t alleviate your anxiety.

Michael Tammero, a Fox News entertainment host and senior VP of event marketing, joined Fox & Friends on Monday to help promote the brand merchandise the network is selling ahead of Mother’s Day. As Tammero showed off the goods, Brian Kilmeade asked him “Do you feel you are giving America what they want? This is all a necessary thing?

“America has been wanting this, is what they need!” Tamerro exclaimed with a laugh. “This will help make America great again, this merchandise.”

Tamerro’s blatant use of Trump’s catchphrase to help Fox News make a profit is significant for a lot of reasons, most of them underlining Trump’s fondness for the network while he denigrates most of the political media as “fake news.” Beyond Trump’s frequency for elevating friendly Fox News pundits and commentators, he has also taken multiple opportunities as president to promote books written by his favorite people from the network, so that’s worth noting.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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