Bolton Destroys Trump’s Handling of North Korea: On a Scale of 1-10, It Was ‘A Zero’


John Bolton tore into President Donald Trump during his primetime ABC interview Sunday over his handling of North Korea.

Speaking with ABC’s Martha Raddatz, the former national security adviser said that the man who considers himself a master in the art of the deal actually put himself in position to get fleeced by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

“I was very concerned that he would give away things that he didn’t need to give away. And as I describe in the book, and has received massive press coverage at the time, he told Kim Jong Un we would give up, what he called, ‘the war games on the Korean peninsula,’ which caused enormous heartburn at the Defense Department.

They felt they had been left out of the decision. So had I, so had Mike Pompeo, so had John Kelly. We had all been left out of that. This was a case where after almost two years in office, the president didn’t seem to understand that the war games, as he called them, were critical to American and South Korean ability to be ready to withstand pressure from North Korea.”

As far as Bolton was concerned, Trump did not have national security in mind during his dealings with North Korea. According to the former NSA, it was all about the photo ops for the president.

“When we were in Singapore for the first summit, one of the things he said over and over again– was to ask how many press people were gonna be present for his final press conference. And I think the final number, it was a very large number– as it should have been, 400, 500.

By the time we left Singapore, he was at 2,000. And I think that number went up from there. That’s what he was focused on. That he had had this enormous photo opportunity — first time an American president has met with the leader of North Korea.

And he got enormous attention from it. I thought it was a strategic mistake. The U.S. itself got nothing from that. Donald Trump got a lot.”

Raddatz asked Bolton to rate Trump’s dealmaking prowess with North Korea on a scale of one to 10.

“I think it turned out, clearly at this point, to be zero,” he said.

Watch above, via ABC.

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