comScore Brian Stelter Accuses Trump of Lacking Credibility, Trust

Reliable Sources Panel Pans Sarah Sanders: ‘A Liar Representing A Liar’

CNN anchor Brian Stelter said President Donald Trump is constantly accusing the media of lacking credibility because “he’s really just projecting his own biggest weakness.”

“Trump often hits the media for lacking credibility. He says the media has zero credibility. But it’s clear he’s really just projecting his own biggest weakness,” Stelter said on his Sunday show Reliable Sources. “When you don’t have trust, you don’t have anything. And most Americans clearly do not trust President Trump.”

Stelter also discussed the incoming departure of White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, who he blamed for the “polarization of trust” in America today.

Stelter’s panel also criticized Sanders, with Max Boot saying, “Sara Sanders said that her legacy was going to be she was transparent and honest. In fact, it is that she was opaque and dishonest. She was a liar representing a liar.”

CNN’s Sam Vinograd joked, “who’s Sarah Sanders? I thought Donald Trump was press secretary?”

She later said, “Donald Trump briefs the press every day by tweet.”

“Whomever actually decides to take that position is irrelevant,” Vinograd said of the next White House press secretary.

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