Chuck Todd Criticizes GOP Inaction on Election Security: Are Republicans Not Outraged Because Russia Helped Them Win?

NBC’s Chuck Todd criticized Republicans for continuing to not act on protecting elections, questioning if they are not outraged “because Russia helped the Republicans win?”

“Is the reason why Republicans, at least the elected ones, are no longer outraged or at least the president is because Russia helped the Republicans win?”

Todd spoke Friday on Meet the Press Daily about the aftermath of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s hearing, focusing on Mueller stressing the importance of preventing foreign election interference.

He also noted there was a shift in rhetoric from Republicans stressing the need to protect elections to trying to undermine Mueller’s report.

“There’s nearly no outrage these days over Russia’s sweeping and systemic attack on our democracy or the president welcoming those attacks, even inviting them to happen again or the president trying to obstruct the investigation into those attacks,” Todd said.

“The Republicans have made it clear they are going to acquit this president no matter what,” Todd said. “In fact, Republicans have largely washed their hands of Russian interference and the president’s misconduct completely.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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