Chuck Todd Sums Up an Exhausting Week of Trump Chaos: ‘Careening from Crisis to Crisis’

MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd opened his show with a deep sigh Friday, amid a busy day that saw a huge drop in the stock market and President Donald Trump attacking the Fed.

“Here is an overused phrase. We are in uncharted territory as the president prepares to meet world leaders in the midst of the latest crisis of his own making,” Todd said on Meet the Press Daily.

“If you thought we hit peak presidential chaos earlier this week, or even earlier today, the rest of the day was a reminder that, oh, no, there is always more chaos to come with this president,” he said. “President Trump sent the stock market tumbling today escalating his trade war with China, lashing out that the chairman of the Federal Reserve, the chairman that he appointed mind you, calling him a, quote, enemy of the United States.”

“If it feels like the president is playing with fire, that’s frankly because he may be,” Todd said. “If it feels he is careening from crisis to crisis and creating policy by tweet, that’s because he is. If it feels like the president is acting even more erratic than usual, it’s because he is. If it feels like all of this is because the president is a bit rattled, well more than a bit, by the possibility of a recession that’s because he is.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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