Chuck Todd Tackles Trump Chaos With Some John Mulaney Stand-Up: Dems Want ‘The Horse Out of the Hospital’


The great stand-up comedian John Mulaney doesn’t do much political material, but one of his best bits is his summation of politics in the Trump era: “it’s like there’s a horse loose in a hospital.”

“When a horse is loose in a hospital, you’ve gotta stay updated,” Mulaney says. “So all day long you walk around. ‘Oh, what’d the horse do? What’d the horse do?’ The updates — they’re not always bad, sometimes they’re just odd. ‘The horse used the elevator? I didn’t know he knew how to do that.'”

It’s a pretty familiar refrain, and Chuck Toddexasperated with all the recent Trumpworld chaos — shared the clip of Mulaney’s stand-up as shorthand for how nuts things are getting:

“Whenever you’re trying to explain Greenland, you’re better off just saying there’s a horse loose in the hospital. The Democrat running against President Trump, whoever that turns out to be, will have to confront this unprecedented moment and this unprecedented president. And no matter the messages and plans put forward by the two dozen candidates, there are some Democrats out there who just want to vote for the person they think has the best chance to get the horse out of the hospital.”

You can watch the segment above, via MSNBC, as well as Mulaney’s stand-up, via Netflix.

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