CNN’s Acosta: Trump Knows ‘Coup’ Rhetoric Is Hyperbole and His ‘Conservative Media Cocoon’ Won’t Call Him on It


President Donald Trump took questions in the Oval Office with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe late this afternoon, and he was asked about his earlier comments decrying the “coup” against his administration.

Trump stood by his remarks and said, “How this whole ridiculous $35 million unlimited personnel––how this all started, I think you will find of great interest. Most of you know the answer to it anyway. The fair press. The good press. Really, the people that know what they’re doing or the people that are, indeed, fair. They know the answer to it.”

CNN’s Jim Acosta, who asked Trump about his remarks, spoke with Wolf Blitzer afterwards.

After Blitzer played the video and asked about the “coup” remarks, Acosta said the following:

“I don’t think he understands what he’s saying there, when he says an attempted coup. I suppose he understands what the literal definition of an attempted coup is, but I think he is obviously engaging in hyperbole. He knows he’s engaging in hyperbole. And when he uses those kinds of words, he’s hoping that when he’s insulated inside his own conservative media cocoon that nobody is going to challenge him on that. That’s why he was saying there in those comments, ‘Well, the fair media, they know what’s going on, they know what really happened.’ That is code word for, well, when we start asking questions about whether or not he actually means that there was an attempted coup, that he can’t really defend those comments.”

He added that POTUS keeps talking up a “nefarious plot” and “doesn’t really seem to grasp that there was a legitimate, valid reason for the law enforcement and counterintelligence community to try to get to the bottom of what Russia was trying to do during the 2016 campaign.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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