CNN’s Ana Cabrera: Trump’s North Korea Tweet a ‘Proverbial Middle Finger’ to Japan


CNN’s Ana Cabrera reacted to President Donald Trump’s tweet dismissing North Korean missile tests that had previously been denounced by his administration by calling it a “proverbial middle finger” to Trump’s hosts in Japan.

Trump tweeted Sunday morning from Japan, where he is on a state visit with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The Japanese government has repeatedly said they consider ongoing North Korean missile tests as threats.

Speaking with CNN presidential historian Douglas Brinkley, Cabrera asked if “you think this tweet by the president, clearly kind of a proverbial maybe middle finger to [Shinzo] Abe … Do you think that will impact the rest of the trip?”

“It doesn’t make sense to me why President Trump would do that except to be contrarian and egotistical and stir up the Internet,” Brinkley said.

“Donald Trump will be golfing right now and he’s gonna talk about why he did that,” he said.

Cabrera also noted that “in Japan, Abe doesn’t face the same backlash for cozying up to Trump.”

Fellow panelist Kimberly Dozier then cautioned “there is still the risk out there that the U.S. Trade representative could do as President Trump has threatened and hit Japanese auto industries with massive tariffs. Then things could really change.”

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