CNN’s Bill Weir Rails Against Trump’s Handling of Environment: ‘Barron Trump Won’t Be Getting a 30-year Mortgage in Miami’

President Donald Trump is set, on Monday, to tout his environmental record, but one CNN correspondent believes it’s a complete sham.

Appearing on CNN Monday morning, Bill Weir ripped the president for his handling of climate change.

“The president is old enough to remember when you could taste the air in Los Angeles, and when the Cuyahoga river in Ohio was on fire it was so polluted,” Weir said. “And today you can swim the Cuyahoga. It’s beautiful. And you can go to L.A. and see the San Gabriel mountains. That didn’t happen by accident … It happened when Nixon signed the Clear Air and Water Act, and then 40 years of deliberate lawmaking to grind this thing out.”

Weir called on the president to invoke his youngest son, Barron, as part of a call to action on the topic.

“He should step to the microphone and say, ‘When Barron is my age, life as we know it will be completely different.'”

To drive home his point, Weir added, “Barron Trump will not get a 30-year mortgage in Miami.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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