CNN’s Brian Stelter Laughs At Trump Saying He Won’t Watch Robert Mueller’s Hearing

CNN anchor Brian Stelter laughed out loud when he was asked about President Donald Trump saying he probably wouldn’t watch Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s hearing this week.

“When the president was asked about the upcoming Mueller testimony he downplayed it and said he didn’t think he’d be watching it,” CNN’s Ana Cabrera noted.

Stelter laughed, and added, “I’ll wager my entire paycheck on the following prediction. Yes, President Trump will be watching the Mueller hearings.”

“He won’t be able to resist and it will be live on Fox as well as everywhere else. and the president is going to want to see this person who he viewed as his enemy and challenger, he will want to see him up close and in person.”

Stelter went on to explain the symbolic importance of having hearings even though Mueller’s report on election interference is public.

“Today is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Imagine the moon landing, only in words,” Stelter said. “Pictures do make an incredible difference, even when it’s a boring Capitol Hill hearing.”

“And I think we’ll have our best sense yet about how Democrats really feel about impeachment,” he said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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