CNN’s Brian Stelter: News Outlets That ‘Look the Other Way’ on Trump’s Lies Are ‘Part of the Problem’

CNN anchor Brian Stelter criticized news outlets that don’t fact check President Donald Trump, asking “how is the public supposed to know they’re being hoodwinked?”

“There are two kinds of people in America today, people who reject all of the presidential lying that’s going on, and people that just accept it and make excuses for it or look the other way. Well, news outlets that look the other way are part of the problem,” Stelter said Sunday on Reliable Sources.

“If they don’t track and document and debunk the lies that our political leaders tell, then who is going to?” Stelter said. “How is the public supposed to know they’re being hoodwinked?”

Stelter went on to fact check a number of recent Trump statements about his tax bill and the economy, alongside unfounded allegations of voter fraud.

“He denied having talking points when he came out and attacked the so-called Squad,” Stelter said, showing pictures of Trump holding typed-up talking points during the press conference.

“Are we talking about the same thing over and over again? Maybe,” Stelter continued. “But if we don’t, who’s going to cover all the lying?”

Watch above, via CNN.

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