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CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Calls Out Trump for Referring to Pelosi, Hillary, Other Women as ‘Nasty’: ‘He’s Scared of Them’

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin offered up a potential explanation for President Donald Trump branding his female foes as “nasty,” saying “I think he’s afraid of them.”

Baldwin was speaking about Trump describing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as “a nasty horrible vindictive person” during an interview.

“Apparently it is the adjective of choice for this president in describing man but in particular women. Nancy Pelosi, Meghan Markle, Kamala Harris, April Ryan, Carmen Cruz, Hillary Clinton,” Baldwin said before playing a clip cutting together Trump’s use of the insult.

“You know what, I think he’s scared of them. Scared of the female reporters at the White House asking tough questions. Nasty. Scared of Nancy Pelosi and what she might do. Nasty,” Baldwin said.

“If nasty is what he calls women who are outspoken, who use their voices, who have opinions, well then stay nasty America,” Baldwin concluded.

Watch above, via CNN

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