CNN’s Chris Cuomo Says Fox’s Tucker Carlson is ‘Picture of the WASP-y White Male’

CNN host Chris Cuomo hit at Fox News and Tucker Carlson in a panel discussion, saying Carlson was the “picture of the WASP-y white male” to help push President Donald Trump’s outrages.

The panel on Cuomo Primetime Thursday was discussing Trump’s attacks on progressive Democratic congresswomen.

“Why is not he going after Biden and Bernie as much as he’s going after brown women? And again, people get upset when I put it that way, but you tell me why he picked these four people and why he keeps talking about them?” Cuomo asked CNN commentator Alexandra Rojas.

“I think Fox News and Donald Trump have been targeting these women. They’ve at least been targeting AOC. The reason is these are four women of color and they’re trying to point to white voters and say you have nothing in common with these black and brown people,” Rojas said.

Cuomo then connected that to Carlson’s monologues.

“That’s why you see Tucker Carlson doing it so much, because he is the picture of the WASP-y white male,” Cuomo said. “He is the right one to harness the outrage and say ‘they want to take me out and replace me with these people.'”

“It is their strategy. To divide white working people against people of color so they can rule from above. This is the demagogue strategy around the world,” CNN’s Paul Begala added.

Watch above, via CNN.

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