CNN’s David Gergen Says Trump is ‘Acting As If He Owns Fox’: ‘It’s Very Manipulative’


CNN analyst David Gergen criticized President Donald Trump’s trashing of Fox News today, saying “this is a big thing when you start toying with the media and acting as if you own Fox.”

CNN anchor Ana Cabrera pointed to a moment where Trump praised specific anchors on Fox like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson. “We have a lot of great people,” Trump said.

“David, you’ve worked in Democratic and Republican administrations. They all felt at one point or maybe several times that, you know, the press was out to get them, but did you ever think you’d hear a president refer to a major news organization as ‘we?'” Cabrera asked.

“I think this is alarming how far over he’s going,” Gergen said. “I mean, to say that he may actually vote against Fox or cast a vote against Fox being involved in the upcoming presidential debates of 2020 because he — their coverage is not to their liking, that’s revolting.”

“It’s very manipulative and it’s what strongmen do. They try to take over the voices of dissent. They try to take over the media or tie the media and their countries to suppress their voice. And that’s what’s wrong with this,” he said.

“We ought to be very, very clear about big things, and this is a big thing when you start toying with the media and acting as if you own Fox,” Gergen said. “And if they report things badly, by God, you’re going to punish them when it comes to the big debates.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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