CNN’s Toobin Incredulous About Trump Bashing Pelosi at Normandy Cemetery: ‘Is There Any Place Less Appropriate?!’

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin was nearly speechless at President Donald Trump’s bashing of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during a Fox News interview conducted at a WWII cemetery.

“Did you see where he was sitting?! He’s in front of the graves of the American soldiers who died on D-Day! I mean, is there any place that is less appropriate for a conversation like that?” Toobin proclaimed.

Toobin was referring to Trump’s interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham where he called Pelosi a “nasty, vindictive, horrible person.”

“And then Laura Ingraham was like ‘oh, my goodness, it was on foreign soil! Isn’t that just so terrible!’ The whole thing is like, this is like a movie … I mean, it’s just grotesque.” Toobin said of the interview’s contents.

CNN analyst Gloria Borger agreed with Toobin and questioned why the interview was at the Normandy cemetery in the first place.

“Why would you set up a political interview there?” she said. “And to have this discussion using names and about domestic politics and — wrong time, wrong time.”

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