CNN’s John Avlon Criticizes Criticism of The New York Times: The Newspaper is ‘Holding Trump to Account’


CNN anchor John Avlon said it was “nonsense” to criticize The New York Times over a headline, saying “the idea they’re in the pocket of big Trump is self-evidently nonsense.”

The New York Times came under fire last week for a headline perceived as favorable to President Donald Trump, prompting a change to a different headline that was also critiqued.

“Can we agree that it’s absurd to the extent The New York Times has done a lot of tough, aggressive reporting and holding Donald Trump to account? The idea they’re somehow in the pocket of big Trump is self-evidently nonsense to me,” Avlon told The Markup Editor-in-Chief Julia Angwin and The Daily Beast Editor-in-Chief Noah Shachtman.

Avlon was filling in as host of Reliable Sources Sunday for Brian Stelter, who is out on paternity leave.

“I think that Noah’s right that people are increasingly in this media landscape seeing their media as more of an affiliation than just a neutral news source,” Angwin said.

“In my opinion, you shouldn’t cancel any subscription over a single headline,” Shachtman said.

“If Donald Trump is trying to attack the independent media all the time, there is something darkly ironic about the left right now joining on that pile-on,” Avlon said.

“Look, we’re always going to be called biased, no matter what. That’s always going to happen. But we can be responsible for our own processes, for our own good reporting and for doing things by the book. I think if we do that, then people can say whatever the hell they want,” Shachtman said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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