CNN’s Laura Coates Trashes Congressional Democrats’ ‘Investigative Incompetence’ After Latest Hearings

CNN legal analyst Laura Coates took on congressional Democrats’ apparent inability to compel testimony from President Donald Trump associates like Hope Hicks and Felix Sater.

Coates, filling in for CNN Tonight’s usual host Don Lemon, said that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on election interference was very clear he wanted Congress to continue investigating with their own legislative and political powers.

“One fact was crystal clear. Robert Mueller was asking, he was begging Congress to take the baton and put the investigative facts in front of the American people,” Coates said.

She went on to say Congress has not accomplished much on this front.

“Let’s look at this week’s comedy routine for a lesson in investigative incompetence. Today’s star witness, Felix Sater, overslept and missed his hearing. No one went and got him. Earlier this week, Hope Hicks might as well have missed her hearing for all that we actually learned from her testimony,” Coates argued.

“A witness overslept and missed a hearing today. Hope Hicks couldn’t tell you where her office was in the White House or wouldn’t tell you. All bark and no bite, and they’re going to need to do a whole lot more if they actually want to make their case to the American people in the court of public opinion,” Coates said of Congress.

Watch above, via CNN

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