CNN’s Oliver Darcy Likens Trump to ‘Typical Fox News Viewer’ Who Can’t Separate News and Opinion


CNN media reporter Oliver Darcy suggested President Donald Trump may not understand the difference between “someone like Sean Hannity and someone like Shepard Smith” on Fox News.

“Trump is sort of like the typical Fox News viewer,” Darcy said. “If you think about the typical Fox News viewer, someone who is watching it, it reminds me of someone like Trump and he is not seemingly understanding the difference between someone like Sean Hannity and someone like Shepard Smith.”

Darcy was speaking with CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin on CNN Newsroom Wednesday, where they discussed Trump’s recent tweets attacking Fox as “not working for us anymore!”

“Do you think if he continues to put the pressure on Fox, that Fox will bend?” Baldwin asked.

“Well, I think one is that Fox News primetime hosts are not going to be changing anything. They are going to be pretty supportive of the president moving forward into 2020,” Darcy responded. “And I also think though that someone like Shepard Smith, who is one of the lone straight news anchors at Fox, is probably going to be covering Trump aggressively as he has been doing before.”

“Fox News has not commented on Trump attacks, they’re not going to, it seems like moving forward,” he said “But I’m curious where is someone like Sean Hannity, where’s someone like Laura Ingraham or Tucker Carlson to say ‘it is my responsibility to give an opinion and I support your administration but it is Shepard Smith’s responsibility, it’s Bret Baier’s responsibility to report the news straight, fair and balanced.”

“When are they gonna stand up for their colleagues?” Darcy asked.

Watch above, via CNN.

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