CNN’s Toobin: Our Constitutional System May Be ‘Incapable of Responding’ to Trump Defying Congress

CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin says he believes the Constitution may be “incapable” of responding to President Donald Trump’s continued blockade against congressional oversight.

“The Trump White House has now established a complete blockade against the legislative branch, thwarting any meaningful oversight,” he wrote.

Toobin’s column published Friday in The New Yorker, where he is a staff writer, states “The President and his Administration have defied congressional inquiries about security clearances, access to the full Mueller report, the President’s bank records, his tax returns, and the continuing investigation of his campaign’s ties to Russia.”

“The system, it appears, may simply be incapable of responding to this kind of challenge,” Toobin writes.

Toobin says the only obvious “political response to Trump’s defiance of Congress—and thus of the norms of constitutional history—is impeachment.” But Toobin goes on to explain why he believes this is unlikely.

“Democratic leaders in the House are already skeptical, for political reasons, of pursuing impeachment, and lingering, unresolved disputes in the courts will make a push to remove the President even less likely,” Toobin writes.

Toobin concludes that Trump will likely be successful in creating a new constitutional norm “in which the executive [branch] can defy the legislature without consequence.”

“The only likely remedy, therefore, will lie with the voters, next year,” Toobin writes.

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