Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross Calls Democrats ‘The Enemy’ and Says They Are ‘Dying’ for a Recession

Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross bashed Democrats as “the enemy” and said they are “dying to have a recession” that would upend the economy under President Donald Trump.

Fox Business anchor Charles Payne asked Ross about the possibility of an upcoming recession Friday.

“There’s a research report out from Zillow where they go with their agents and analysts and they think we will have a recession next year. What do you make of that?” Payne asked.

“The enemy keeps postponing when the recession’s going to come,” Ross said, apparently referring to the Democratic Party. “They are dying to have a recession. They can’t bear going into next year’s election with the economy the way that it is.”

“But you get USMCA through, that’s a half a point or thereabouts on the economy,” he continued, speaking about Trump’s new trade agreement with Mexico and Canada that still needs approval from Congress.

“If they do hold off and don’t give it, it’s a wonderful campaign issue because they would clearly be starving the U.S. economy,” Ross said.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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