Dan Abrams Argues Hearing Was Not a Win For Trump: Mueller Repeatedly Testified The President is ‘Lying’

ABC Chief Legal Analyst and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams criticized Democratic lawmakers’ performance at Robert Mueller’s hearing while stressing “this isn’t a win for Donald Trump.”

Abrams was breaking down Mueller’s testimony during a Thursday appearance on ABC’s The View.

“So You Know Who in the White House called the Mueller hearings a devastating day for the Democrats and said Mueller did a horrible job. Nancy Pelosi called it historic. So what did you call it?” Whoopi Goldberg asked.

“The whole point of the Democrats calling Robert Mueller was for him to bring this thing to life so it would be the ‘movie’ of the Mueller report. That didn’t happen at all,” Abrams said.

A lot of times the Republicans would really go after Mueller, and then at the end of their time, Mueller would seem to want to respond, and a Democrat would be up and instead of saying ‘Mr. Mueller, can you please continue?’ They would start with some pre-scripted thing about the three elements of obstruction,” he continued.

Abrams argued that the facts laid out in the hearing, however, were not helpful to Trump at all.

“This isn’t a win for Donald Trump,” Abrams said. “I mean, you have there, again and again, Robert Mueller, in essence, saying he’s lying. He’s lying when he says no obstruction. He’s lying when he says, I found no collusion. The answers that he gave to us were misleading, generally not truthful. How is that a win for President Trump?”

Watch above, via ABC.

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