Dan Abrams on Trump Attacking Mueller: ‘The President Has Smeared an American Hero’

Mediaite founder and ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams went off on President Donald Trump for his attacks on Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Speaking on The Dan Abrams Show on SiriusXM’s POTUS channel, Abrams said “The president smeared an American hero today, and I’m not talking about John McCain.”

“When I hear the president of the United States smear Robert Mueller … I get upset because we need more Robert Muellers in this country,” Abrams said.

“We need people who are more law-and-order, apolitical beings,” Abrams said, praising people like Mueller and Chris Wray, the current director of the FBI

“He stuck by the finding that a sitting president cannot be indicted, he could have easily asked for a reinterpretation of that finding. … Mueller didn’t even accuse the president of the obstruction crime, because he thought it would be unfair.”

“The Russian interference in our election was real … and now the president is lying about Robert Mueller,” Abrams continued. After explaining why the “conflicts” the President alleged about Mueller were completely unsupported by the facts laid out in the Mueller report, Abrams stated:

“Hearing the president insult [Mueller] like this, should be offensive to anyone who calls themselves pro-law enforcement in this country,” Abrams said.

Listen above, via SiriusXM’s POTUS channel.

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