Dem Senator Grudgingly Endorses Widely-Panned Trump Idea: Not ‘Absurd’ to Talk About Bringing Russia Back to G-7

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) told MSNBC that it’s not an “absurd proposition” for President Donald Trump to talk about inviting Russia back into the G-7.

Murphy did stress a need for caution, telling anchor Andrea Mitchell Thursday that there’s a need for “preconditions.”

“I don’t think it’s an absurd proposition to talk about bringing Russia back into the G-8. It’s important to have a global player, presence like Russia at the table instead looking in. You can’t do it without preconditions,” Murphy said.

“The reason we kicked them out of the G-8 was because they invaded Ukraine,” he continued. “They have not withdrawn their forces. In order for them to get back in they need to make some progress on the future status of a sovereign Ukraine.”

“But, we also have news today suggesting that the Trump administration may be considering cutting off or suspending security aid to Ukraine, which would be an absolute gift to the the Russians. The announcement coming right at the beginning of the tenure of new Ukrainian president undercuts him in his efforts to try to push back against Russian aggression,” Murphy said.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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