Democratic Sen. Chris Coons Says Trump Admin ‘Intentionally Used Cruelty to Children’ to Push Border Policy

Democratic Sen. Chris Coons says President Donald Trump’s administration “has intentionally used cruelty to children as a tool of immigration policy.”

Coons was speaking with CBS News’ Margaret Brennan on Face the Nation about migrant detention centers at the U.S. border, who asked him to respond to a Trump officials criticism.

“My concern here is that we’ve got an administration that has intentionally used cruelty to children as a tool of immigration policy,” Coons said.

“Their zero-tolerance policy that forcibly separated children and their families was a disaster that faced a bipartisan outcry from boat Republicans and Democrats. They don’t have a lot of moral authority to stand on in arguing that they would like Congress to give them an unlimited ability to detain children and their parents at the border,” he continued.

“We have to find a bipartisan solution, Margaret. As a Democrat I have voted repeatedly for bills that would dramatically increase investment in border security and make humane changes to our immigration system,” Coons told Brennan after she asked about solutions to the ongoing crisis at the border.

“The president just needs to be clear about what he is willing to embrace, and it has to get a majority of his own party,” Coons continued, noting a Trump-backed immigration reform bill from managed get 60 ‘No’ votes in the GOP-controlled Senate.

Watch above, via CBS.

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