Devin Nunes Challenges Intel Chief on Trump’s Conversation Leaks: ‘Likely Coming from Agencies You Oversee’


Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) accused the nation’s intelligence agencies under the leadership of acting intel chief Joseph Maguire of leaking to the media.

“What I’m trying to ascertain is how would it run in all the mainstream media outlets?” Nunes asked. “Even though they got a lot of it wrong, but they had the basics of it that it involved the president of the United States talking to a foreign leader. So did anybody, you or anybody in your office leak this to The Washington Post or NBC News?”

Nunes made the suggestion Thursday during the acting director of national intelligence’s hearing before Congress.

Maguire denied the leaks came from his agencies, saying “we know how to keep a secret.”

“It was not from the intelligence community, from me or from my office,” he continued.

Nunes went on to note other call transcripts between Trump and foreign leaders were also leaked to the press.

“Clearly, those conversations are being captured by the intelligence agencies,” Nunes said.

“Not necessarily,” Maguire responded.

“Somebody is leaking this and it’s likely coming from the agencies that you oversee,” Nunes continued.

“Ranking member, the allegation of the whistleblower complaint was there were about 12 people who listened into the conversation. Members of the National Security Council and others. … So there were a number of people from the White House briefed on the call,” Maguire said.

“I’m quite sure of this. The White House probably didn’t leak this out,” Nunes argued.

“I wouldn’t say the White House, but there are individuals within the White House that may or may not–I don’t know. But it would not be from an intelligence intercept,” Maguire said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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