Dick Durbin: ‘Technology’ Will Help Stop Illegal Drugs ‘Not Some God Awful Concrete Wall’


Democratic Senator Dick Durbin (IL) slammed President Donald Trump‘s claim that building a wall will help stop drug trafficking, saying technology is more likely to do a better job.

“There are things much more important than this President’s mighty wall,” Durbin told CNN’s John Berman Thursday morning. “Slowing down the flow of narcotics in America during the worst drug epidemic in our history, to me, is the highest priority. That requires technology, not some god awful concrete wall.”

The senator said 85 percent of trucks entering the country were “not being scanned or x-rayed,” and despite the President’s 124 miles of border fencing in Arizona, people were shipping massive loads of fentanyl in cucumber packages across the border. This all could have been dealt with earlier, Durbin says, if not for Trump’s government shutdown.

“For goodness sakes, let’s focus on the things that are important,” said Durbin. “This opioid heroin epidemic is killing Americans every day. That should be the focus of border security.”

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